3 Tips for Surviving a Flare--Guest Post for Chronically Whole

Flare-ups are a regular and unfortunate part of living with an autoimmune disease. They LOVE to come right when we are busiest, invading our days with pain and dizziness where there was no room for such miseries. I’m experiencing one currently, as often happens when I am due for my next chemotherapy infusion (Remicade every four weeks, totally worth it!).

@@Flare-ups are a great occasion to practice self-care. http://chronicallywhole.com/?p=759 via @chronicallyw@@

Actually, flare-ups pretty much force us into caring for ourselves, and if we don't we usually end up feeling worse. When we choose self-care from the beginning, we can reduce the amount of emotional distress that so often comes along with our flares. Here are three of my go-to tips for surviving a flare:

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(Recycled from August 2015)