An Unexpected Celebration & Two Other Announcements


Announcement 1: Yesterday was my writing day, but it turned into my “celebration of writing” day.

After seeing a new friend on the edge of town nearest the Gallatin River, I felt the sudden gravitational pull of cool water and quiet mountain air. Instead of driving to the library, I curved my way through a sea of green. 

At a turnout, I scrambled down to the river’s edge, eager to behold the pristine aqua current. Alone, I found my voice loud with praise:

“Jesus be the center of my life

Jesus be the center of my life...” 

I had finished my book proposal Monday, and hadn’t yet had a chance to properly mark the occasion. But when I turned to leave, I realized, the celebration I most needed was worship. Not a nice dinner or affirmation. I needed the echo of my voice against the mountain stream, both crying out the majesty of the God who made them. 

After writing 12,000 words/33 pages, and being closer than ever to this book becoming a reality, what I most needed was to thank the God who wrote my story and filled my heart with the courage and ability to share it.

Together with the ancient rocks and water, I felt the relief and joy of joining God in telling the story of redemption.

He invites all of us, not just writers, to join our voices in telling his good story.

We tell it in our work--in choosing faithfulness in the ordinary tasks that keep the world turning. We tell it in our hope--in believing our lives can change and believing others can change, too. We tell it every day in sleepy prayers and dinners made and smiles given. You and I join with all creation, every tree and stone, eager to see the redemption of all things in Jesus Christ. 

I hope in reading about my little celebration of hard work that, really, you can acknowledge yours. Your labor is not in vain. By the way, this song (and the whole album that goes with it) is the most beautiful reminder of this.

Announcement 2: I was on a podcast!

I had the pleasure and honor of being a guest on Love Thy Neighborhood Podcasts' Enneacast this week, where I was interviewed about childhood wounds and healing for each Enneagram Type. You can listen here.

Announcement 3: I started a monthly newsletter!

I recently started a monthly newsletter named "Embodied" to offer more space to reflect on the intersection of theology, psychology, and spiritual formation. You can read the August edition and subscribe here!